SkipperSeil Group is a leading International Power and Infrastructure enterprise, most admired for its People, Performance and Partnerships. The custom to lead began in 1986 and since then it has become our legacy. Headquartered in Dubai with operations in Middle East, Africa and India, Skipper exports its products to over 50 countries around the globe.

The Group operates in various sectors including Power Transmission & Distribution, Mining (coal & gold), Education, Healthcare Services, Agriculture and Water Infrastructure through its two divisions, Skipper Infra and Skipper t&d.

Skipper t&d is a forward integrated power sector company engaged in manufacturing of substation equipments, EPC in Generation, Transmission, Distribution & Automation Sectors and Service and Repair of Transformers.  Taking along passionate people, finest of processes and integrated services, we address the toughest of issues and find most feasible solutions in the Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution sectors.

Skipper Infra is the soft-core infrastructure company of the Group. Infrastructure being one of basic needs of the human society to grow is the focus point of activity in developing economies. Identifying a huge gap in the demand and supply of services in this sector, SkipperSeil Group forayed into Infrastructure projects in complimentary and adjacent sectors to tap the business potential it offers. Skipper Infra draws upon the parent Company’s vast experience, strength and capability developed over years of operations to venture successfully in this new sector and contribute to the nation building efforts. The Company’s current investments and projects are focused on the areas of Renewable Energy, Mining, Healthcare, Education and Creative Media and, Agricultural Value Chain, primarily in India and Africa.

With the commitment to ensure that tomorrow is better than yesterday, Skipper has managed to stay continually ahead with a focus on green, sustainable energy and technologies for Solar and Hydro. Skipper’s global CSR initiatives in the areas of healthcare & education testify our commitment to “Making a Difference in the Lives of Millions Everyday”.

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SkipperSeil Group is The Global Leader in Power & Infrastructure, most admired for People. Performance. Partnerships.

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